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At GiftBOX we seek to help you understand more about money. A place where you can learn, save and borrow.

As Kingdom People, we believe that “it is He who gives you the ability to produce wealth” – Deuteronomy 8:18. We know that our community has businesses to be built and dreams to be dreamt. So we wanted to stretch out a helping hand.

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GiftBox is a financial hub, paving the way with competitive loans, high interest savings and Money Masterclasses.

By joining GiftBOX you’ll step into a close-knit community of like-minded people. As we’re owned by our members – we have a shared interest; flourishing financially, together.

Rev. Carmel Jones first decided on starting a credit union back in 1979. Since then his dream has fast become a reality for countless families. His work has impacted thousands in the Pentecostal movement, from teaching financial fundamentals to funding church buildings. 

GiftBOX is an extension of his legacy and we’re pretty excited to continue the journey he began.

Here, you’ll be in a circle of great people. Here, there is #roomforyou



Our ‘why’? It’s simple. We want to see the community we know and love, become more prepared in their plans and fluent in their finances.

We have a passion to serve God and His people and we believe our people can flourish and their dreams can be fulfilled.


We get to create the community we need, by building the tables we’re going to sit at. By learning and leaning on each other, we strengthen ourselves and uplift our neighbours.

We also love being the people who pay higher dividends than the high street banks. It reminds us that we’re clearly the obvious choice.

We started GiftBOX because we believe in the potential you have. We know that all you need sometimes is a little bit of know-how and the tailored support to give it a shot.




Because there’s no ‘I’ in team

We are a group of Christian based young adults who believe in financial stewardship, kingdom principles & money management led by the senior PCU team. The GiftBOX team act as advisors to the PCU & patrons to GiftBOX & it’s cause.

We’re growing!

We’re always on the lookout for our nation’s best and brightest to join the team. Get in touch to see what we’re hiring for!


The easiest way to borrow, the easiest way to build.

Fast and simple personal loans for the times you need cash quickly. Our instant loans are available as a low-cost alternative to payday loans for indebted millennials, credit-savvy professionals and visionary seed-stage entrepreneurs.

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Tithe for God. Give to others. Save for you.

Take advantage of our savings packages to give your money the boost it needs. Whatever your savings goals are, we’ve got a professional team to aid you in the best ways to save.


Know better so you can do better.

At GiftBOX we’re committed to your financial well-being. We want to put the control back in your hands.

So, we came up with Money Masterclasses. Our sessions aim to teach and inform everyone of key financial strategies. We’ve got lessons and resources for all walks of life, aimed at equipping you.

Whether your budget is thriving, you’re climbing out of debt or bringing a business dream to life, it all starts with you.

We’re on the journey to financial peace, and there’s #roomforyou.

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